At Prudent Financial, we have always recognised and follow the importance of selecting investments with excellent track records in their respective fields. Having seen the demand for attractive investments in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) increase dramatically we established PEI to provide a specialist resource in this area. We believe that doing good and maximising your investment return do not need to be mutually exclusive.

We provide a tailored financial planning service to all of our clients. This includes an in-depth review of their own circumstances and personalised recommendations.


Investing responsibly is not a new concept. But with the climate change agenda top of mind, it is an area that has grown hugely. Parameters and concepts are changing swiftly. We are committed to continuously research the options available to our clients. Our specialist knowledge in the area allows us to filter the information, products, and choices to provide the best recommendations.


Ever growing volumes of money into ESG funds are making them more accessible to personal and smaller corporate investors. We provide an emphasis on guiding our clients through the considerations of investing in Environmental, Social and (Good) Governance (ESG) policies and Ethical funds and vehicles. Risk assessment and suitability are key considerations as much as the wish to create meaningful and long-lasting change int the world.


While we adhere to the European ESG Sustainable Finance Disclosure Obligations, we also carry out additional screening. Whether recommending structured products or investment funds, we seek out companies and funds who carry strong ESG scores and good records for corporate governance. In addition, these funds must stand up as being strong alternatives to more traditional funds on a performance comparison basis, based on their respective risk or volatility ratings.


As an independent financial adviser, we have access to a wide range of products and funds from a diverse selection of companies. This allows us give impartial advice to our clients. Investing responsibly in not a new concept. We consider your own personal circumstances, financial goals and risk profile and make recommendations on your investment strategy based on the suitability of the products on offer at the time.

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