Anyone who deals with Prudent Financial and Prudent Environmental Investments, deals with Leanne at some stage. Leanne joined us in 2019 as an apprentice through the LIA pathway. Since then not only has she earned her full QFA designation but has also just received a First Class Honours Level 8 B.A in Insurance. Here we let her share her story and passion for the financial services business.


What brought you to Prudent Financial?

That’s an interesting question. What brought me to my current career is a passion for financial knowledge, a hunger for learning in general and various skills amassed to expand on from my previous roles and education. Before working with Prudent, I had completed a Level 8 B.A in Journalism in TUD. Although this degree is very different to my role now, there are similarities. My current passion and enthusiasm for mortgages highly likely stems from my investigative nature. It’s fair to say that completing a mortgage is similar to completing a financial investigative piece of journalism. See how the two jar together?!


What do you think is key to your success over the past few years?

Over the past 3 years, I completed my QFA exams via the LIA (now I am a fully qualified advisor!) alongside completing another B.A Level 8 in Insurance remotely with ATU Sligo and working full time! How have I done all that in 3 years? Perseverance, a drive to succeed and time management are all key to my success. I would regard myself as a motivated individual and I believe that my success to date both professionally and personally proves that. I also would like to thank Ivor, who brought me into the company as an apprentice and has been hugely supportive as a mentor to me.


What advice would you give anyone else starting their career?

I never aim for perfection, (it doesn’t exist!) but rather mastery. Mastery is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a ‘comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or skill’. I want to master the subject of loans, the subject of life assurance and financial services in general. As a young QFA, I am fully aware that experience comes with time. I look forward to my career journey ahead,


Do you have time for anything except work and academia?

Apart from work and academia, I would consider myself a little artsy! I love writing poetry and landscape photography. Ireland has so many beautiful scenes and there’s nothing I like more than exploring a new place, grabbing a coffee and taking pictures of the scenery. One of my favourite places to visit/take pictures in to date has been Spiddal in Galway. While there, I realised how much I need to brush up on my Irish but aside from that, the calmness of the area was very relaxing. I also enjoy catching up with my friends for coffee, walks through the likes of Howth and Dalkey and cinema trips. I love the cinema! Family also means the world to me. When the family (including aunts, uncles and cousins) are able to all gather together, I am one of the first to attend!


Any final thoughts for readers Leanne?

I’m always a fan of an inspirational quote, so, I’ll end this piece with the following;

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein