What Will You Do When You Retire?

Nowadays, due to many factors, many people are living longer than their ancestors. A pension is simply a long term savings plan for your retirement. You can choose what contributions you wish to make into it – whether monthly or annually, the choice is yours! One of the most attractive elements of a pension is the income tax relief available on contributions made into it.

As you approach retirement, it is important that you have the financial securities in place to keep you ticking along as you navigate into what’s known as your second life – your post-retirement life.

It is normal to want to be financially comfortable in your post-retirement life. A very important part of being able to do this is having the financial means to support the lifestyle you aim to lead. Your future lifestyle largely depends on the financial decisions you make today. That is where we come in!

Our aim is to work with you to discover what retirement option makes the most financial sense for you to enjoy your second life.  Our new financial management tool can help you with this process by being able to understand the numbers and your income and this is proving to be a very valuable assistant to our clients.

If you wish to discuss your retirement options, we would encourage you to contact us.

Let us help you plan effectively for your retirement.