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The world of finance is ever growing and evolving. With many different investment options out there, it can be confusing to find which is most suited to you. That is where our financial advisors come in.

We undertake finding the right investment option which suits you and your money in order to reap the rewards. Whether it is taking out your first mortgage, planning your pension or creating a savings plan. Our financial advisors guide you through your current situation and create a detailed outline, to ensure that you can lead the life you wish for the future, without the risk of running out of money.

We provide mortgage, retirement, investment and insurance advice to name a few. Our job is to help you plan for your short and long-term financial goals.

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The idea of taking out a Mortgage can seem like a daunting task, especially because of the previous economic decline. Prudent Financial have been successfully helping families and professionals with their Mortgage applications for many years. We take you through the essential steps you need to ensure you get a Mortgage best suited for your life style. It is our job to ensure you get well rounded advice when it comes to taking out a loan for a Mortgage by looking through the most competitive rates on the market. Contact us today so we can help you buy your dream home.

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Retirement is the time where you can relax and enjoy life without worrying about money. That is why starting a pension may be one of the most important decisions you could make. It is a long-term savings plan which helps you save for the future. The State Pension is only €238.30 per week as of March 2017. For many, this just about covers the basic needs. Since we are a generation who are living longer, it is important to know you have a comfortable future ahead. At Prudent Financial we provide you with all the information you need to start your pension plan. We help you choose the best plan for your needs so you can start your brighter and better future.

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Life can often throw us hurdles along the way. Some could be long-term illness or injuries which can prevent us from working. This can affect your basic standard of living by not earning your full income. The government offers a State Illness benefit of just €193 per week as of March 2017. You may receive this if you are self-employed. However, you may not be entitled depending on your weekly income. This is why taking out Income Protection is valuable and can give you peace of mind if a turbulent future lies ahead. It provides you with a percentage of your income you have protected. This means you can focus on your recovery and not worry about where to find money to pay the bills. Finding the right income protection plan can be tedious and that is why we help you to choose the one which best fits your requirements.

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Most people put their savings into a regular savings or deposit account. This gives you a low rate of interest which means you only get a little extra money on top of what you put in. An investment fund aims to to grow your savings faster by investing your money through different funds and share. There’s a lot of potential for your money through investments, but understanding the different ways to invest can be vague. It is important to understand investments can fall as well as rise in value. However, we search for a variety of investments which you are most comfortable with and help take the mystery out of financial investment.

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If you own your own business or are the main supplier of income to your household, then life assurance is a policy which should interest you. Life assurance gives your family the protection they need if anything was to happen you, such as death or illness. It helps your family to pay off your remaining mortgage payment, as the life insurance company pays a tax-free lump sum to your family on your death.  It can be difficult to find the best policy for you, but that is where we come in. Our aim is to find you a policy that suits you so you can get life assurance appropriate to your needs

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Unfortunate events such as fires, flooding and theft are occurring at an alarming rate. That is why insuring your home or business property is essential if you want a peace of mind knowing you and your family will be cared for if anything was to happen. If a disaster was to occur you would need a property insurance policy to avoid the financial misfortune that can be associated with these events. It protects your buildings and or contents against physical damage or loss. Many companies offer an extensive range of property insurance products.  At Prudent Financial, we cut through the jargon so you have clarity when choosing the correct property insurance for your needs.

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Company Pensions, or otherwise known as Occupational Pensions, are retirement savings scheme set up by employers for their employees. They provide each employee with peace of mind for the coming future. By 2022, the Irish Government plan to bring in auto-enrolment for all private and public sector employees. At Prudent Financial, we want to help employers understand the benefits of auto-enrolment and what it could mean for employees. Chat with us today if you are uncertain of what this could mean for you!

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