In the past year, investments in sustainable offerings such as Sustainable Funds, ESG funds or even specific projects in renewables has continued to grow at an exceptional rate. Companies who traditionally operated in fossil fuel and other environmentally destructive arenas are developing Green Policies which will bring them away from their historical business models.

Returns from Green Energy and Renewables have been very strong and we are already seeing the beginning of the reversal of Trump’s destructive policies by Joe Biden, we will see a new impetus in the US towards Environmentally positive policies. This will continue to build momentum in this area, offering strong potential for investors to do something positive with their money while also positioning themselves to enjoy what could be very strong returns.

Central Banks around the world will continue to support economies and interest rates are set to stay very low for quite a while yet. The stage is set for a further year of strong returns, particularly in the Environmental arena. At Prudent Environmental investments, we advise clients on Funds and Individual Projects. Investing in Sustainable / Environmental offerings does not mean that you need to take larger levels of risk either, we match our clients needs with the most appropriate risk levels.

Please see a link to Cantor Fitzgerald’s Going Greener in 2021 commentary along with a link to Economist Jim Powers assessment for the Irish and Global economy. Both make for very interesting reading.

Finally, there is €13 billion more sitting in Irish banks than this time last year. Interest rates are zero or less which, when put alongside inflation, the real value of this money is reducing each day. We can offer secure investments which offer realistic opportunities for growth.